CSE @ Teacher's College

The Institue on Transformative School Culture

June 24 – June 26, 2020


The Summer Institute | June 24 – June 26, 2020

For Whom

We are delighted that you are interested in the CSE Intensive for K-12 experienced educators offered by the Collaborative for Spirituality in Education at Teachers College.  The Intensive will meet in-person twice at Teachers College, Columbia University; once in the summer from June 24-26, 2020 and then again in the winter, January 10-12, 2021 . Monthly discussion sessions are held on-line for all CSE Intensive members and consultations by experienced members of the CSE Network to the school can be arranged by request based upon match.

 In order for a school to derive the maximum benefit of the CSE @ TC Summer Institute, 4-6 experienced educators apply and attend as a team (necessary substitutions of course allowed).  We suggest that at least four of the team members be in positions of broad reaching structural impact within the school (Head, Division Head, Chief of Counseling, Director of Athletics). 



The initial cohort will consist of 8 schools.   Admission will be selective based on an application and interview with prospective participants.

Completed applications must be submitted by February 1, 2020.  

The cost per school for the Summer Institute is $25,000.  Scholarships are available for public schools. 

Our Goal

To empower teams of school leaders and educators to design and implement changes in their school’s culture so that it provides stronger support for the spiritual core of the whole child.


A year long process of self-guided school transformation led by an internal team from within your school or district. The process has 3 components:


    • Summer Institute: Two and a half days at Teachers College to learn about the science of spirituality, why it matters to the practice of education, our research on the drivers of spiritually-supportive tools to foster awareness, belonging, and connectedness to shift your school culture in order to schools, and how to implement these drivers in your own school. This intensive will offer participants an understanding of the science of spirituality and our research which identified 11 drivers of spiritually-supportive school culture.
    • January Institute: Two and a half days at Teachers College to reconvene and check in about how the process is moving forward.
    • Year-long remote support, resources and networking from the CSE team and the Principals, Heads and Fellows from our Leadership Schools

Insititute on Transformative School Culture – Deliverables

Learn the science of spirituality and its translation to schools.

You will learn the science of spirituality and the areas of life that are supported by embedding spirituality in education, including decision-making, moral education, and citizenship.

Build lasting relationships with the people who have already done this work well.

You will spend time hearing the stories and understanding the processes of the Principals, Heads and Fellows of our Leadership Schools. This allows you to build a network with people who have done this work and will support you as you change the culture in your own school.

Learn how to shift your school culture to better support spirituality.

You will learn about the ways in which the schools in our research changed the culture of their schools. In understanding their processes, you will identify the barriers to this work in your own contexts and identify ways to overcome them.

Implement change in your own school.

Over the course of this Summer Institute, you will be developing your own concrete action plan to implement changes in your own school based on your learning. You’ll begin implementing this plan during the school year and make plans for maintaining the momentum.

For further information, please contact the CSE Institute’s Program Director:

Amy Chapman, Ph.D

Email: amychapman@spiritualityineducation.org

Phone: 908.268.3765.