How We Work


Our Pathbreaking Research

Our research hub at Teachers College harvests practices from leading schools that have achieved excellence in promoting the inner spirit of their students. We test methodologies and tools that schools can use to build a culture and climate of awareness, belonging and connectedness.

The Summer Seminar

on Transformative School Culture

The seminar teaches interested school leaders and teachers how to engage their schools in the development of or intensification of a transformative school culture. This builds on the work of SEL, mindfulness and other curriculum based programs by aligning the school-wide culture to support deeper ways of nurturing the well-being of students. The program also provides ongoing engagement with attendees throughout the year to help them carry out changes in their schools.

Work on Culture and Climate in Schools

We have developed a process built around the 11 Drivers of a Transformative School Culture. Our staff members are available to work with schools as facilitators of that process, helping schools examine their current strengths and set their own goals for the future.   The process is designed to be flexible to adapt to the unique context of every school community

The National Council on

Spirituality in Education

The National Council is a meeting ground for sharing research, learning, resources and ideas related to the spiritual development of children and adolescents in the school environment. Through its national conference in November 2019 and other future activities, we look to support the broad-based movement for spirituality in education. We aim to elevate awareness of the need to nurture the deep inner core of the child, build awareness of what it takes to do this work, and eventually influence public policy.