The Reverend Norman Hull, chaplain at Campbell Hall in southern California and CSE fellow, has recently written a reflection on his work encouraging middle school students to share their spirituality through the school’s Chapel program. As Norman describes, “A 6th-grade boy reflected in chapel on his love of science by saying, ‘In science there is always a new challenge and something new to do and that is what keeps it interesting. He went on to connect the Bible message from Isaiah to his homily by saying that, ‘it reminds me of how God’s ways are more spectacular than our ways and this connects to my love of science because with science you can understand so much, but there’s always so much more you can’t understand.’ When students realize that there is so much they don’t know, they are tapping into the mystery and sacredness of life.” Norman’s reflection for the National Association of Episcopal Schools Chaplain’s Blog, “Connections Between Spirituality, Chapel and the Classroom,” can be found can be found HERE.